Homeless In Washington : Seattle City Built On Top Of A Underground City Pioneer Square Dig In ' Capsule Hotels ' !
Wiki " Capsule Hotels " Locals And Tourist Safe And Sane
Litter Here, Waste There It's A Total Eye Soar Hindsight Is 20/20 Planet Earth Has Given About All She Can Give
Sleepless In Seattle On Pins And Needles Back Up The Garbage Truck Rock, Paper, Scissors ' Recycle ' Out Of Mind Out Of Site 

Keep Washington Beautiful : Doc Maynards Underground Tour ' Capsule Hotels ' !  Rest Peacefully Hunker In Pitch Tent
 To All Our United States Veterans Past, Present And Future Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guards, Marines
Wiki  One Of The Many Hundreds Of Hundred's United States  Navy, Naval, Mothball Dry-docked Museums Ship's "
USS Midway Aircraft Carrier Museum In San Diego, California Could And Would Houses 4,500 Men And Women Alone
 James Stewart ' Mister Smith Goes To Washington D.C. ' Hum ... Bah Hum Bug
Washington's Goodwill Ambassador Galloping Ghost Dave Goes To Washington
Advocates For Veterans Housing On All " U.S.A United States USS Navy Museum Ship's " ! ... 
Skipper Set Sail Sloop John Bee Matties Ship's Ahoy Bremerton, Everett WA. West Coast, East Coast Many Ports About
VA Veterans Affair Would Provide Much Needed Counseling, Education, Job Training And Employment
Medical, Dental, Vision, Food Galley's : To All Our Veterans Serve And Protect Thank You For Your Service 
 Homeless Families Cruise-line Ships Carnival Cruise-line, Holland America, Princess Cruise-line Ship, Set Anchor All-aboard

Homeless Out On The Streets No Worries We Dock Up Concrete Back Under Our Feet
Ethical Angels Advocate's For Low Barrier Shelter's
, Capsule Hotels And Ships 

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